Processing Schedules & Deadlines


Payroll Services is committed to providing courteous, timely service to all employees and departments within the OSU system.

For payroll questions, please call our main line at 405-744-6372 or contact one of the functional areas listed below. 

Assignment Checks 405-744-8497
Biweekly EPAFs 405-744-6379
Biweekly Payroll Processing 405-744-9618
Direct Deposits 405-744-6372
Garnishments & Child Support 405-744-6574
Monthly EPAFs 405-744-7294
Monthly Payroll Processing 405-744-5971
Overpayments 405-744-6574
Redistributions 405-744-6380
Taxable Benefits 405-744-6380
Verification of Employment 405-744-6372